About us

Watcher Phones is one of today’s leading and trusted names when it comes to bad credit mobile phones. We are driven by one simple mission - to help and offer consumers appropriate phone deals that are incredibly affordable and within reach for people with bad credit.

After seeing how consumers with bad credit struggle with getting approved for a phone contract from major providers, Watcher Phones decided to step up to the plate and create solutions. Rather than reject applications outright, we opted to welcome everyone with bad credit and offer phone deals that are especially created for customers who have struggled and have been rejected by major providers before. The website was then born and now serves as an online portal for consumers who are looking and hoping to snag a phone deal that’s not only suitable but also affordable.

At Watcher Phones, you can only expect superior service. We guarantee topnotch customer service every time as well as fast approval for phone contract applications. Also available only at Watcher Phones is today’s widest choices of handsets including the latest options in the market.