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Have you ever been turned down a phone contract because of bad credit? If so, you are not alone in your dilemma. In fact, plenty of consumers with bad credit problems in the UK are struggling just like you do.

Because of the high risks bad credit scores may imply, major providers are often wary with approving phone contract applications for people with bad credit. If you've been struggling to get approved yourself because of bad credit, you came to the right place. At your service is Watcher Phones providing customers with the best and most suitable solutions to your phone contract problems.

Who is Watcher Phones?

Dedicated to help customers with bad credit get a phone deal they can afford, Watcher Phones was established to serve as a convenient online portal where fast approval and a wide selection of bad credit contract phonesbad credit contract phones are available.

We exist primarily to help which means we welcome anyone who needs assistance getting approved for a phone contract despite bad credit. Working behind the scenes is our team of dedicated specialists who will lend a hand when needed. We scout the market for the best suitable deals for our customers' diverse needs and financial situations to ensure you're always getting the best end of the deal every time.

What We Do?

Our main job at Watchers Phones is to offer our customers the best bad credit mobile phone deals available in the UK today. We do it by partnering with only the best suppliers and key players in the industry including Money Super Market, Uswitch and many others.

To ensure that each and every one of our customers get approved for a phone contract deal despite bad credit, we do not merely offer a wide range of phone deals. What we do instead is tailor our recommendations according to your financial situation and what you can afford. This way, you're almost always guaranteed that you're going to get approved for a phone contract before the day ends.

Why Choose Us?

As a trusted name in the UK, you cannot find any better service and affordable phones than at Watcher Phones. We offer one of the widest selections of phone deals available in the UK today. That includes many of today's latest handsets which are available at your disposal provided that you meet the eligibility criteria.

Also guaranteed at Watcher Phones is our fast processing. As long as you meet the requirements and provide the needed documents, we promise to expedite the process so you can get approved in 24 hours or less. Since there is no credit checks involved, we also promise 99% approval rate.

How to Apply?

To apply for a bad credit phone, simply complete the online application form. When done, you will need to pick a handset and a phone bundle suitable for your needs then wait for approval confirmation within 24 hours or less. Once approved, the handset may be delivered right on your doorstep within 24 to 48 hours.

Are you Eligible?

To qualify for a bad credit phone at Watcher Phones, you need to only meet the most basic of requirements. First, you must be of legal age, at least 18 years old or above. Second, you must be a resident in the UK. Finally, you must provide proof of steady income to prove that you can handle the fixed monthly fee for the phone contract.

If you are eligible, you can proceed to complete the application process or you can click here for additional tips and tricks on how to pick your handset.